Felt nostalgic. Brought those old memeory of IIT preparation days at Sambalpur, even without a proper coaching class. All I used to do was just solve problem, solve problem, and solve more problems from Irodov, Crotov, HC Verma, (+ One chemistry book by a foreign author covering stuffs thought at BSc level).

Idiot politicians are not expected to understand the difference between the brain required for solving problems of Irodov, and scoring marks in class XII. Enough damage have been made by moving from subjective to objective type of paper. No more fiddling with golden-egg producing goose please.
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    • Sanjay Kumar Patel but da,,,,dont u think "one nation one exam" pattern will ease the burden of preparation for lakhs of students rather than preparing and applying for many colleges separately and travelling to many places. obviously the best students in common exam will come to IITs. This is just a thinking of mine as we have been supported one common exam for both medical UG and PG for all over the country including AIIMS.
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    • Subash Nayak No ... "One nation one exam" theory is like using single hammer to solve everything from rocket to wristwatch, from tanks to pressure cooker. Having 100s of exams for similar college is not advisable, but we can have 3-4 different exam system.
    • Sanjay Kumar Patel agreed...but i think since the educational qualification is same, syllabus is same and above all the degree is same then there may be no harm conducting one exam. the top rankers in that exam will get into IITs. the benefit is, if a student gets a rank like 7000 and he is anyway getting a seat in an IIT but not in his desired branch, then he will have an option to choose his branch of choice in some other college.....i dont think it will hamper the quality of students in IIT bcoz they will always get the best.
    • Subash Nayak I have another strong reservation about "one-exam" theory. Now there is no denying fact that IITs have produced way-too-many alumni of national/international repute, and are known for creating quality manpower. When the same quality manpower are not in support for the change, then why the hell a supreme-court lawyer turned HRD minister is hell bent on changing it.
    • Sanjay Kumar Patel this is beyond my mind.... why they are opposing it. i never personally liked the above said HRD minister, not even his govt. but still if a change brings some convenience to many it should happen. i think the intellect sector of IIT alumni should support this....
    • Subash Nayak ‎@Sanjaya Again, you missed my point. If syllabus is same, and degree is same, then why is this ho-halla is about? You can't have same exam for choosing top 1% of the students and top 75% of student. Top 1% students are expected to be of very higher IQ, analytical reasoning, problem solving skill, so the test need to test the these skills. Using class XII mark and some generalized test (which being generalized won't test with the same rigorousness) is a sure-shot way to destroy the very existence of IIT system, and what differentiate it. There is another way of looking at it, will you like to have same exams for choosing goldsmith, and iron smelter (with the argument that both involves same metal work, and the best amongst the iron smelter should become goldsmiths)
    • Subash Nayak Sanjay Kumar Patel ... My reverse question to you. If some convenience has all the potential to destroy the very basic of what you are, what differentiate you, will you love adopt the same.
    • Sanjay Kumar Patel i m getting ur point da....but u also know well that some non-IIT colleges are even better than bottom ranked IITs. i think there is no cut point in good or bad especially in technical colleges like medical and engineering. there is always a slope.....they may be better or worse than another....
    • Sanjay Kumar Patel yes i support fully ur point that they should put subjective pattern of examination for entrance.
    • Subash Nayak Who cares about ranks of engineering college. If a coconut tree is of smaller height that a lemon tree, that doesn't implies that it won't become much more higher than lemon trees. All IITs which are scoring lesser than the non-IIT in ranking (which are known to be close to arbitrary) are quite young than the older IITs, or are converted to IIT very recently. Let them run for another 10-20 years, and than we will see which tree is hgher.
    • Sanjay Kumar Patel replying to that ur reverse question da.....in our set up u take an example of SEEMA. if there had been a common test for AIIMS and PGI and all other medical college, may be she had a chance to opt for some other branch even better in PGI or MAMC or any other good college. so this change for convenience is good for all i think.
    • Sanjay Kumar Patel what will happen if all IITs follow the system of KANPUR IIT....if all of them will conduct their separate exam ?
    • Sanjay Kumar Patel i think there should be a common discussion. govt should include renowned alumni and directors of IITs and then take a suitable decision...may be there a path in between all this ho-halla......at most what i think is they should conduct only two(not and never more than that) exams....one for all IITs and one for all other colleges including NITs, IIITs, all govt and pvt colleges....and hope that the NITs and IIITs will not protest to this.
    • Subash Nayak Let me be quite blunt this time .. convenience is "bulshit" word when you are preparing for IIT. If you want convenience then my strong advice is to prepare for something else. Pain/Persistence/Excellence/Pure briliance is the name of the game when you are preparing for institutions whose UG course are regarded as far superior to MIT/Stanford and so on. The one year that I have prepared IIT, I had lived a life more stricter than any Gurukul of Ancient time. Mediocrity has no place in it. And about every IIT conducting separate exam, you might have missed the line, that other IITs are free to join them in IITK's life saving adventure. And to be in saner side, I am stopping from commenting here.
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    • Soubhagya R Nayak I think the problems supposed to be addressed by the move are genuine.
      1- Lots of different exams putting pressure on students.
      2-Spoon feeding by Kota or AP coaching centres giving advantage to a certain section of students.
      3-Students ignoring 10+2 to divert resources towards IIT coaching classes.
      But the solutions they have come up with is not good.
    • Sanjay Kumar Patel da its a discussion not an argument.....i know this is not proper place for it. but pls dont be angry....may be we both are unable to make each other understand our respective views...i respect each and every effort, dedication, achievement of urs. u r like a role model for many....and i hav sincere regard for u....dnt take above comments otherwise....
    • Subash Nayak Soubhagya R Nayak ... Kota/AP Coaching center are not the basic problem, they are the external symptom of some much more severe problem. The issue is like this. Indian middle class is growing like anything, and indian middle class is ready to spend more than half of their disposable income for giving quality education to their offspring and making sure that their children never face the same problems that they have faced. This is creating a huge demand. At the same time our dear govt/politicians are busy filling their pocket and forgetting about middle class's needs and aspirations. So it is creating severe shortage is supply side. This huge disparity between supply and demands has created a huge business opportunity and Indian entrepreneurs (you know more than half of them are ex-IITians) are jumping into solving this issue. By the way do you seriously think spoon-feeding can make anyone qualify IIT exams ???
    • Subash Nayak I belongs to a backward backwater of a backward state of India, and I know 100s of parents sending their children to Kota from my area. Every other relative of mine is thinking/planning to send his son/daughter to Kota/Delhi and so on. Are all of them cracking the riddle called IITs? I have heard that at least one IIT coaching center's entrance exam is slightly more tougher than the IIT exam itself!!! By the way, do you find any advantage of mugging up stuffs for class XII exams, and any harm in ignoring 10+2. I personally don't find any issue with it. If there are problem with multiple exams, then my advise to our dear Kapil Sibal saab is to kill the rest of them and keep the golden egg producing goose as it is. Why interfere with it, when you have been told from a much younger age what side effect it can produce.